New for 2019: Celestial Dreams

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So, fashion week is over. We were pretty spot on with our predictions (you can read them by clicking 'READ MORE' below) and we’re super excited for what 2019 holds for the style world. We’re even more excited to announce our newest collection; Celestial Dreams! Here at Venu J we’re committed to bringing you classic, on-trend and ethically sourced accessories to elevate your wardrobe. Read on for inspiration!

14K Gold Plated Monstera Cheese Plant Leaf Earring with CZ stones
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This dazzling earring is perfect for a year that’ll see a resurgence of animal and nature prints. Perfect to wear day or night, this chic piece is paved with stunning white zirconia and crafted in Sterling Silver, with its iconography rooted in Latin American culture. We think they’re perfect for the streets and the office.

14k Gold Plated Crescent Moon Earring
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You know that we’re all made from stardust, right? We are literally crafted from the stars we gaze up at during the night sky, gleaming with promise and hope. Our 14K Gold Plated Crescent Moon Earring is a perfect reminder of our rightful place among the stars. With a resurgence in the fashion industry of geometry and interesting shapes, this piece is both timeless and right on trend.

14K Gold Plated Turquoise Gemstone Ring
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Rings have arrived at Venu J – and they are here to stay. This stunner is perfect for the fashion world’s current romance with all things minimal and we are big fans. Our 14K Gold Plated Torquoise Gemstone Ring is right on trend. Completed with sparkling turquoise gems this piece is the perfect balance between understated and intrigue.

14K Gold V Stacking Ring with CZ stones
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Move over Rack City, Stack City’s here. Layering doesn’t look to be going out of trend for a long while yet, which is fantastic news for those looking to shake up their outfits with a long-lasting accessory. This 14K Gold V Stacking Ring with CZ stones is your wardrobe’s newest forever piece. Classic and contemporary and like all our products crafted responsibly and ethically, this piece can we worn with a multitude of different pieces, such as our Sydney 18K Gold Plated Single Link Choker.

14K Gold Plated Interlocking Double Ring
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Style? It’s locked in.
Our stunning new 14K Gold Plated Interlocking Double Ring is perfect for a fashion savvy human. Great to wear on a night out and paired with a black dress or for a weekend brunch paired with laidback jeans a white button down, this piece is versatile, modern and timeless. We only create (and curate) ethically sourced and sustainable accessories – what better to be a modern last that showing your newest, environmentally responsible, forever ring? We expect this will fly off the shelves, so get buying!

14k Gold Plated Yellow CZ Positivity Disc Pendant
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Coldplay wrote a song for you called Yellow and we crafted an accessory for you that is yellow. Which is pretty much the same thing. Our 14k Gold Played Yellow Positivity Pendant is a chic and minimal reminder of the importance of positivity to fulfil dreams and maintain your mental health. The colour of sunflowers, warm beach sand, light and the bright sun our newest piece is perfect to wear as you walk into 2019.

14K Gold Plated Blue CZ Happiness Pendant
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Happiness is a forever mood and something that Venu J imbibes into all its pieces and ethos. Happiness unlocks power and potential that helps us grow, so what better way to wear your happiness than with this 14K Gold Disc Pendant! Complete with a striking blue CZ stone, that mirrors the calmness of the sky and ebb and flow of the ocean waves; be happy today and all the days with this on-trend minimal piece.

14k Gold Plated Black CZ Courage Disc Pendant
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Courage. What is it exactly? It doesn’t have to be the stuff of legends and myths, in fact we’re often more courageous than we realise. Remember your first driving lesson, or the first time you told that human you liked them or when you reached for that job and smashed the interview. That was all courageous, and we’re here to bring an exquisite 14K Gold Plated Black CZ Courage Pendant as a constant reminder of your strength and hustle. We like our ladies bold and fearless.

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