Gold Labradorite Ring with an Oval Cut


Arrives gift-wrapped in elegant grey Gift Box

This 18K Gold Vermeil Oval Ring in Labradorite is a perfect statement to wear day or night. The labradorite stone is thought to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis itself and as the crystal of shamans, explorers and truth-seekers is perfect for a magical lady. This precious stone refracts light and reveals flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green and coppery red. This means each ring will be special and unique to you. This piece is handcrafted in classic vermeil gold by talented artisans from Jaipur, India. Ethically sourced and arrives gift-wrapped in a chic, white gift box.

Learn about Vermeil Gold here and how to care for your jewellery here

Gemstone 9.3mm x 7.2mm

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6 reviews for Gold Labradorite Ring with an Oval Cut

  1. Sas (verified owner)

    I bought this ring the minute I saw it on Venu J instagram profile and I am happy I invested in such a fine piece. The gem stone is absolutely beautiful and brings out my outfit. This is definitely one of my most favourite purchases that I made from the collection . Best of all is that they do in size XS as they cater to small fingers which is hard to find in most places.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend Venu J. Their packaging was lovely! I truly felt I was receiving a very special present from myself. Their service is amazing. Also, they have extra small size ring for people with small fingers like me. I would have loved measurements for the height of the ring as well.

  3. Yuan Ying Cheung (verified owner)

    The setting of the ring shows the true beauty of Labradorite! As your finger moves and the gem catches the light, it really does reflect different and beautiful colours.

    I could stare at this all day! My favourite purchase of the year! Thank you Venuj!

  4. s.sukumaran (verified owner)

    I love all of the rings and this is no exception! So pretty! The packaging is so cute, Venu is an angel and the brand speaks for more than just it’s pretty gems!

  5. Emerald Hagan (verified owner)

    After being an admirer of this ring for months I finally took the plunge and bought it and I am so glad I did. The cut of the stone really shows off the different colours in the labradorite and i could stare at it all day!

  6. 11linnetcourt (verified owner)

    I have been waiting for a long time to get the most perfect Labradorite ring and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect ring than this. It is stunningly beautiful and the photos don’t do justice to how magical this ring looks. Everytime I wear it , cant help admiring it.. I would suggest pairing this with the moonstone tear drop ring. Together they make a stunning pair .

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