Valentine’s day gift guide


I have always been a hopeless romantic and fell for Valentines as a little girl. I watched all the teary love movies and felt warm inside with a smile on my face. But as I grew up, I realised how little sense it made. Valentines for me became less about finding the perfect Prince Charming to write me love letters and adore me- it became more about remembering to love everyone, including myself. So I want us to celebrate Valentines for all the love that exists around us. The all inclusive, all giving love.

Celebrate mums, sisters, dads, friends and partners this Valentine’s day.

Keep reading to find the gemstone that will be the perfect fit for your Valentine’s (even if it is yourself, Queen).


Lapis Lazuli


It was the iconic beauty and fashion icon Cleopatra who used the crushed powder of the Lapis Lazuli crystal in her eye shadow design, the quintessential symbol of an Egyptian pharaoh.

For all the dreamers and stargazers, the energy of Lapis Lazuli will help you discover your authentic self when you connect with its deep well of wisdom and knowledge. This deep blue color is associated with self-expression and awareness, which gives the Lapis Lazuli crystal its powers to boost enlightenment and spiritual transformation

The stone for a self assured, dreamer.


Copper Turquoise


The beauty of copper turquoise is hard to match, in a real sense it is a captivating stone. The rambling lines of copper matrix provide a large amount of energy to an individual who wears it. Copper turquoise has long been treasured as a powerful talisman with healing properties; it is believed that it improves the overall strength of a human body and mind.

For the energy seeker.


Green Onyx


The Green Onyx is the symbol of restfulness and purity. This green soothing stone has the power to relief you all worries, tension, stress and fears. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to take wise decisions during your difficulties. This soothing gemstone is related with love, affection, and friendship and also enhances proximity sensuality and sexuality.

The stone for those who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and yet slays daily.




German writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” In other words, magic is more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It’s about finding your life purpose, which gives you a sense of meaning and makes everything even more illuminated in your universe.

Labradorite invites you to go down the rabbit hole, and the deeper you go the weirder it gets. But that’s a good thing. 

For the crazy dreamer.




Within its energy lies the meaning of the ancient Moonstone. The Moonstone is known to guide your true inner path and heal. This gemstone has power to awake passion, provide nourishment and awaken feminine energy. Due to its gold, blue and purple rays, the Moonstone carries white energy making it a protective gem. Its glow can re-energize the body and mind a remove negativity. 

For the powerful woman.